The brands wants to tease men to do the dishes too, because household work should be everyone's work

Vietnamese culture is still rooted in traditional gender roles. Meaning they feel that women should stay at home to do housework. Meanwhile, Vietnamese men follow gender norms with delegation of chores to the women with 77% of them believing dishwashing to be a feminine task. While a male’s duty is to earn money and doing ‘masculine’ housework as fixing plumbing, taking out the trash etc. Dish-washing smells feminine, looks feminine and the process happens in a “feminine’” part of the house. 

As a market leader in dishwashing category and an iconic brand in Vietnam market for 15 years, Sunlight wanted to start the conversation in a non threatening and light-hearted manner. Helping women have less time on dishes and in the kitchen, more time to enjoy life, and have support from her loved partner to be able to make this happen.

Sunlight and Happiness Saigon redesigned dishwashing by redesigning the bottle tailored towards men. A new, more masculine shape, designed to be harder to squeeze and scented to be appealing for men, was launched. The bottle, shaped like a dumbbell, was launched across several channels including films featuring a popular influencer and encouraging women to share pictures of their husbands washing dishes.

The campaign started in December 2018 through a partnership with Shopee, where the limited edition Sunlight for Men botlle was offered upon purchasing large Sunlight SKU's. All Sunlight for Men bottles were sold out in the first 24hour.

In addition, the brand launched the #SunlightChallenge contest on Facebook encouraging the target audiences to upload their dishwashing moments with their loved ones to win a trip to Singapore for two.


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